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(What it all means)

ABYSS:  1) The emptiness or the nothing, the absence of all things. Most people have never seen the abyss, while others think of it (erroneously) as the religious vision of "hell”. If consciousness is existence, the abyss is oblivion. 2) The hollow emptiness inside someone who has made no attempt at their own personal evolution. The soulless void. In this definition, the abyss is the pit of despair into which people fall when they experience what is traditionally called a "loss of faith". Fortunately, it is this loss of faith and the subsequent fall into the abyss from which the journey toward evolution often begins. When faith fails or is intentionally abandoned, it is from the abyss that we begin our climb toward self-identity and self-Realization.

ANIMUSLifeforce. The ghost inside the machine.  The inexplicable breath which separates life from death.  Pure energy.

ASSEMBLAGE POINT (or AP) – The assemblage point is, first and foremost, the viewpoint through which we see our world. Some perceive the assemblage point as a physical location on the body, between the shoulder blades, but other mystics & seers view it simply as the automatic "program" which runs in the background of our minds once we have been fully socialized into the world - normally at around age 4. It is through learning to move the assemblage point that the seeker may begin to experience the reality of other perceptions, other "worlds", the immortal kingdom. The assemblage point also moves of its accord in times of physical or emotional duress.   An assemblage point that is out of alignment results in dis-ease and states of unwellness which may encompass mind, body & spirit equally or individually.

BELIEF SYSTEM - Any school of thought which requires belief or faith as opposed to personal experience. One example: Christianity. Another example: Atheism. Both require belief in external forces or causes, and are therefore only opposing sides of the same coin. Christianity requires faith that God exists. Atheism requires the belief that there is no God. Ultimately, neither the Christian nor the atheist can prove his beliefs, so faith of one sort or another is required in either point of view, and therefore both systems fail as vehicles to Knowledge.


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Teachings of the Immortals


COHESION OF IDENTITY - a state of being in which the seeker has gained a sense of self-awareness beyond all programs - i.e., the seeker knows who he or she is apart from who they are related to, or what they do for a living. There is a sense of self, an ability to touch one's own consciousness and recognize it as a whole entity rather than merely fragments associated with different roles. It is our observation that there are levels of cohesion. When the seeker has achieved cohesion, it is then possible to inhabit the Whole self into eternity as a singularity of consciousness.  This is also a definition of the immortal condition.

CONSENSUAL REALITY or CONSENSUS REALITY or CONSENSUAL CONTINUUM – the world of ordinary dayshine awareness, defined & shaped by what is agreed-upon by the majority of the consensus. The Real World. The societies, cultures and definitions of “reality” we take for granted, and upon which we all agree as to what is “real” and what is fantasy, what is right and what is wrong. We are indoctrinated into the consensual reality from the moment we are born, primarily through language, and yet it can be proven through simple observation that much of this indoctrination is incorrect, that what is “right” to one culture is “wrong” to another, that what is “normal” to one consensus is abhorrent to another. We live, therefore, in a world of illusions, a world of words, even a world of lies.  Knowing this gives the seeker the power to think outside the box and move outside the illusion.

DAYSHINE WORLD - The world of ordinary awareness, everyday life.  The play.  The matrix.  It should be understood that most seekers have a dayshine life of one type or another.  Meaning: we all feed at some level on the real world until we evolve beyond the dayshine life and into the night that never ends.  Our dayshine lives would include job, family, friends, everything that is of the 'real' world.  It is no shame to have a dayshine life.  It is only a shame if that is the only life we have.  Immortal vampires live a duality.  See 'duality'.

DOUBLE For practical purposes, the double is the self in eternity, but can be visualized as the "vessel" into which the seeker uploads his consciousness and identity through the process of self-creation. All seekers can develop a double, though most remain unaware of the existence of the double. The double is the energy body personified and occasionally even manifested in ordinary awareness, developed through Intent and Dreaming to a point of extreme cohesion. The double may take on a life of its own for all intents and purposes.  The double is also known as the energy body, the vampire twin, the higher self.  It may or may not look like the humanform self.  Many doubles are opposite-gender and also serve the role as muse, teacher, mentor, benefactor.

DREAMING - in the magickal world, "dreaming" is an entire artform which cannot be adequately explained in a few brief words. Essentially, it is an active application of intent which enables the seeker to dream lucidly and navigate the dreamscape in much the same way we navigate the terrain of our ordinary dayshine awareness. Through impeccable dreaming, the vampire twin or double is created, and through dreaming the seeker begins to explore shifts of the assemblage point which enable her to assemble other worlds. Through dreaming, it becomes possible to connect the worlds of heightened awareness with the world of ordinary awareness - or put another way, to enter the night that never ends at will.

DREAMING AWAKE – a level of awareness wherein the seeker enters a state of dreaming while remaining technically in a state of ordinary awareness. To those who have experienced it, no explanation is necessary. To those who have not, no explanation is possible.

DUALITY - Meaning, literally, "two things simultaneously". This is not the same thing as dualism, which implies perception through opposites (i.e., dualism is the human propensity for perceiving black/white, good/evil, god/devil, male/female, etc) Duality implies the evolving perception which enables us to see that past and future, just for example, are no different, but only different perceptions according to our location in time. Duality further allows for two seemingly contradictory conditions to exist simultaneously, without either obliterating or in any way usurping the other.  Example:  "a love/hate relationship".  Another example:  We exist as mortal human beings in the Now, and simultaneously as eternal beings through the energy body of the double.  Duality can be studied in the statement, "You must be immortal before you will know how to become immortal." As long as we are locked into a linear, static perception of reality, we are prisoners of dualism.

ETERNAL BEING - An evolved consciousness that has gathered its cohesion into Wholeness, and exists ubiquitously throughout the space-time continuum and beyond. The eternal being may project (manifest) an energy body which would be indistinguishable from a corporeal body if that were the Intent, or be entirely non-corporeal, strictly as a matter of Will. See also Immortal Condition.

FIRST FUNDAMENTAL LIE - The human paradigm is built on the false notion of Time, and so it could be observed by one outside of the matrix that the entire paradigm itself is erroneous because it has created within its subjects a viewpoint that is based on what immortals call The First Fundamental Lie. Think on this, for it is only when you are willing to sacrifice The Lie that you will be able to glimpse these fundamental elements of creation which are channeled through your essential be-ing pure and limitless, but limited entirely by The Lie which was seemingly designed to do just that. Ironic, yes? You are made of the pixels and photons of limitlessness and timelessness, yet unable to access that nature because the nature of any consensus is to create parameters which can only limit the power and understanding of the thing itself. And yet, here is the secret you have yet to Real-ize, contained in the question: Who is creating the consensus?

GHOST TRAIN -  A reference to a peculiar interaction between mortal self and immortal twin. After the mortal has created his twin, should he fail to achieve transmogrification during this lifetime, there is a theory which states that the fully-developed twin has the ability to essentially step back in time to a point when the mortal self was still in the mother’s womb. By entering the mortal self prior to birth, the vampyre twin is then “born” into the same body as the mortal self – the agenda being to enforce the mortal self’s evolution by essentially existing as the internal teacher. For anyone with an understanding of quantum mechanics, this is not so far-fetched, since time is not linear but actually a sphere, where all events are non-local. Put simply, the ‘ghost train’ runs back and forth on the same track until such time as the mortal self and vampyre twin conjoin to create the singularity/totality of both.

Darker Teachings of the Immortals


GNOSIS: Silent knowing; communication with the higher self and/or the sentient universe. An altered state of consciousness accessible through a wide variety of methods, including but not limited to simple Intent, meditation, certain mind-altering substances such as psilocybin mushrooms, tantric sex, the near-death-experience (or NDE), sensory deprivation, and many other methods. Undoubtedly, gnosis is the most crucial tool available to the seeker, for it is through gnosis that the entire knowledge of the entire universe is available. What matters is that when the universe speaks, we not only listen, but apply our full Intent to the task of discovering the meaning behind the words.  Over time, as our abilities & awareness increase, we may begin to have a permanent channel to the voice of gnosis through our connection to our own immortal twin. To achieve that state of seamless gnosis is one of the seeker's greatest tasks.

GREAT WORK, THE:  A term often used by Aleister Crowley and other mystical practitioners. The Great Work is the work of a lifetime - the de-fragmenting of the whole self through the process of undoing and unraveling the programs which bind all humans to the consensus (dayshine) reality until such time as the human takes it upon himself to declare his Intent for freedom.  The Great Work might include, in addition to undoing the programs, the arts of dreaming and stalking, but most of all the creation/projection of the twin (the immortal vessel) and the assimilation of the mortal self with the eternal Other.  The Work itself is the doings that lead to transformation, transcendence or transmogrification - the work is the process through which one embraces the totality of oneself to become a singularity of consciousness.

GRID:  The energetic framework upon which reality hangs. Put simply, the universe is comprised of energy. For seers, that energy may be observed as a 'grid' which often appears bright green. It is the rearranging of that energy which results in our experience of reality.  We hang our lives on the grid, for example.  The structure of all the worlds hangs on the grid.  All things are made of energy, including the grid itself.  It is believed by some that the grid is the game board on which the impersonal universe plays out its game plan.  Impersonal - without compassion, thought or agenda. 

HEIGHTENED AWARENESSa state of increased perception, wherein the seeker can learn and assimilate far more rapidly and deeply than from within ordinary awareness. One of the tasks of the seeker is to "remember the other self", (put another way: the act of remembering the other self is the process of creating the twin) which consists in part of bringing into ordinary awareness the events she has experienced in this altered state of consciousness. Humans simply do not possess the preceptor organs of memory for events that occurred in heightened awareness, just as we cannot see the subatomic world with the naked eye. Special tools are required – in this case, the tools of perception.


IMMORTAL BEING or IMMORTAL - The terms "immortal" and "eternal being" and "real vampire" are used somewhat interchangeably unless specifically noted otherwise, though by strict definition there is considerable difference. When we say "the quest for immortality begins here", it could perhaps be more accurately stated as "the quest for eternity beings here". On the evolutionary scale, it could be surmised that an eternal being or "real vampire" has fewer limitations than an immortal still attached to organic form. Picture this: if a comet smashes the earth and the planet is reduced to rubble, the eternal being or real vampire has the option of simply manifesting elsewhere, becoming entirely formless, or assembling other worlds. The physical immortal, on the other hand, might not have as many options, depending on the level of evolution of consciousness. It is speculated that there are physical immortals living among us, though they would more accurately be called longevists, since their lifeforce remains connected to a physical body as opposed to a metaphysical (energy) body.

IMMORTAL CONDITION:  A state of being which has transcended organic form.  Also called inorganic beings.  Put simply, the immortal condition is a quantum state in which individuated consciousness & awareness would be attached to an energetic vessel as opposed to an organic one.  Real vampires have achieved the immortal condition, but there are other manifestations of the immortal condition.  Other possible manifestations would include the faerie kingdom, shape-shifters, skinwalkers and far more.  For the sake of this website, however, when the immortal condition is invoked, it may normally be taken to mean a real vampire.

IMMORTAL VAMPYRE:  A being who has attained the immortal condition, through the process of transmogrification.  True immortal vampyres do not drink blood, sleep in coffins, or any of the usual Hollywood nonsense.  Many may choose to engage a certain 'vampyre lifestyle' for purely personal or aesthetic reasons, but the truth is that real vampyres walk among us in daylight and in the night, and unless it was their intent, you could not distinguish them from any other (seemingly) human being. The immortal vampyre is a transformed human - meaning that s/he is no longer confined within the confining limits of an organic body, but has instead attained a quantum state wherein s/he might rightly be called an "energy being" or (ironically) a being of light.

INDIVIDUATION – The manifestation of the Self as a singularity of consciousness, or eternal being.  The foundation of the immortal condition is individuation. Many paths teach unity within the all as a goal of the afterlife, whereas Individuation is the act of maintaining the unique and individual I-Am throughout eternity.

INTENT – Intent (or "unbending intent") could be loosely defined as an idea or thought-form held constantly in the seeker's  mind until it becomes a literal part of the seeker  himself.  Thought = energy. For example, it is my intent to achieve the immortal condition, which  will enable me to exist as a cohesive, sentient being with a single point of view continuing into eternity. The strength of that unbending intent determines the manner in which the seeker lives, which paths are taken.

INTERNAL DIALOGUE:  The voice of The Program, running inside your head.  It is the voice that sings the world into being with its observations, but also the voice that condemns, controls and conspires to keep the human organism in alignment with the program itself.  It is the voice that plays songs in your head to disrupt deeper thinking.  It is the static always running in the background, filled with doubts, fears, judgments, self-recriminations, and mindless chatter.  Put simply: it is the soundtrack overlay which prevents you from hearing the voice of the higher self.

KNOWLEDGE -as used throughout these documents, Knowledge shall refer to the result of direct personal experience. Example: we are taught as children that fire will burn, but until we touch a candle flame to see for ourselves, we cannot know for sure. The vampire candidate seeks Knowledge, never settling for faith or belief systems. The greatest Knowledge comes through gnosis.

LIFEFORCE:  Put simply, lifeforce is energy and it is all around us at all times.  One common vampire myth is that lifeforce may only be found in the blood of humans.  Incorrect - and those who make the mistake of believing that myth may find themselves dead, imprisoned, or worse.  Bottom line:  "real vampires" don't drink blood - neither animal, human or otherwise. (There are exceptions, of course, largely related to sexual stimulation - but for all practical purposes, it must be understood that vampires feed on lifeforce, not physical blood.) Lifeforce may also be known as prana, chi, ki, pneuma or mana.  In the quantum universe, it is ingested or absorbed through the force of Will, most often driven by desire.

MAGICK or MAGIC – as used throughout these documents, “magick” or “magic” is the force within the human organism which enables us to do, perceive and interact with things for which science has no immediate explanation. It is the force which enables a 110 pound woman to lift a 5,000 pound truck off her child in a crisis. It is the force that we recognize as “the little voice” that tells a man not to get onboard a doomed airliner. It is the ghost inside the machine, and it is altogether human. One day, science will explain “magick”, and yet magick will never be fully understood, for as we grow and evolve, our “magick” grows & evolves with us – like the muse, always one step ahead so we will always be compelled to follow. Also, as used throughout these documents, magick or magic is not defined by adherence to ritual or religion. Magick is the force being sought through certain rituals, but magick itself is most definitely not ritual or religion any more than “the soul” can be found in “the church”. At best, one is only a tool used in searching for the other.

METANOIA: A state of mind/being that occurs when the seeker is "overtaken" by the power and presence of the journey itself.  It is said that anyone can become a physicist, but very few will rise to the status of Stephen Hawking, Nils Bohr, Albert Einstein.  The difference between the ordinary physicist and these men is that they were clearly seized with the passionate fire of physics itself, and became more than the sum of their knowledge.  This same phenomenon occurs with some seekers - instead of just an intellectual discipline, the seeker becomes seized (obsessed & compelled) by the journey itself - a transformative experience which may last a few weeks, months, or a lifetime, depending on the depth of the seeker's compulsion and the depth of her commitment. Those who experience this metanoia become the sorcerers, wizards and warriors  - with one foot in another world and the inner eye focused solely on that destination.

MULTIVERSE:  Multiple universes, alternate or parallel dimensions.  These "otherwheres" may be accessed at Will once the seeker has attained the immortal condition.  Prior to that, such otherwheres may be accessed through Dreaming or astral travel.  For example: what are commonly believed to be "past lives" are actually other positions of the Self within the Dreaming body.  What the hell does that mean, you ask?  Simply this:  if it is the Intent of your mortal self to attain the immortal condition, you may already be a vampire or other immortal being in one or more of these multiverses/parallel dimensions.  The task for the mortal self is learning to project into one's immortal core-identity - so as to essentially open one's eyes inside the Dream, become the immortal self, and in doing so, embrace the totality of Oneself.  What is the totality of oneself?  The accumulated total of ALL of one's experience:  past lives, future lives, parallel selves, etc.  Ah, but the bitch is simply this:  The mortal human self is the source.  Sucks, but there it is.  The ugly truth.  What to do about it?  That is "The Work."

NIGHT THAT NEVER ENDS: An advanced perception. Put simply, the night that never ends is a quantum state in which time no longer exists.  The seeker enters into perpetual night even though the dayshine world goes on all around him.  For those who See, no further explanation is necessary.  For those who do not yet See, no further explanation is possible, but may be attained as the seeker advances through The Work.

ORDINARY AWARENESS:  The normal human range of perception, which includes the 5 physical senses.  The lowest common denominator of human awareness.

OTHER, The:  See Double

OVERLAY - (see also consensual reality) Essentially, the overlay is the "play" of which we are all a part. It is the dayshine lives we live and the things we do which we mistake for "real", but which are only extensions of the human-default program - the dayshine world. If we could see the world with the innocence of a newborn child or an alien being who knows nothing of the human paradigm, we would see the world as it really is - without all the automatic things we say, think and do because it is intrinsically programmed into us.  Evolving our perception beyond the overlay (outside the box) is the first step toward entering the night that never ends.

PHANTOM - individuals still plugged into the belief systems of the consensual reality, usually without ever questioning. Phantoms define themselves by what they do, the company they keep, the church they attend, their social status. Another mark of a phantom is that they possess an unlimited number of personalities and roles, all without the cohesion of a single, unified "I-Am".  Phantoms are organic machines within the larger machine.  Are you a phantom or an authentic spirit?

PROGRAM - The information which we accept as truth without necessarily confirming or disproving it for ourselves as individuals. For example, we are taught, "All things die," and because this would appear to be true, most people simply accept the statement as fact rather than doing their own quest for Knowledge into the veracity or falseness of the statement itself. In reality, we cannot know for certain that "all things die." We can only know what our perceptions reveal to us within our immediate environment. By altering our perceptions - thereby altering our automatic expectations (the program) - we learn to see that much of what we think we "know" about the world is only what we "believe". The danger of all programs is that as long as they are accepted blindly as fact, they prevent us from exploring other possibilities. If, for example, the Wright Brothers had accepted the program-du-jour which stated, "Man is not meant to fly," we would live in a vastly different world.

QUANTUM UNIVERSE: We no longer live in a world of matter and energy, but a multiverse of matter/energy - in short, the two concepts are no longer separate, but halves of a whole.  So what, you say?  The essential core of the immortal condition (what myth has called a vampire) is that the vampire is entirely free of the belief/program which tells us we are comprised of matter, and that all things die.  In the quantum universe, we are beings of energy.  Of course, the trick to achieving the immortal condition is to make that Real-ization actual and REAL.  The quantum universe allows for this through the process known as transmogrification.  Put simply: energy may assemble into any apparent form.  When one thinks this through, the potentials are enormous.  We are no longer bound by prisons of flesh, but may instead choose to embrace the immortal condition through the Willful transference/evolution from physical body into energy (or dreaming) body.

RETROACTIVE ENCHANTMENT: Magickally and quantumly speaking (which are the same thing in many cases), the magickal acts or movements of intent/will which you undertake today can and do have effects reaching not only into the future, but into the past.  This is especially important to understand with regard to the twin: even though you may think/believe your twin has always been with you, the reality may be that you are experiencing retroactive enchantment based on the actions you took yesterday or which you will take tomorrow.  Because time is not linear, even memory and events of the past can be influenced by actions not taken until some point in the future. Put another way: do not let evidence of your twin lead you to believe the work is already done.  Creation is an ongoing process - stretching through past, present and future, with the absolute understanding that time does not exist and is not linear - for which retroactive enchantment exists as a form of proof, should anyone require it.

SEE or SEEING - To "see" or "seeing" is the act of viewing the world (or anything within the world) according to its true nature, without the illusions and expectations we place onto the world through our own human programs. Seeing is more than looking. It is the seeker's greatest asset and tool in being able to recognize the illusory nature of the consensual reality (overlay) in which we all exist, often without ever realizing it.

SEVENTH SENSE a perceptual plateau comprised of a combination of the 5 ordinary senses plus the “sixth sense” of psychic awareness or, more precisely, self-awareness. Mikal coined the term “the seventh sense” to describe the “world” we are aspiring to inhabit through this evolution of consciousness – for it is a state of being every bit as real and inhabitable as our world of ordinary awareness, but accessed with a more evolved set of preceptors which could be described as consciousness itself. The seventh sense is our world, but it is an expanded world.  It is the world of the immortal, comprised of energy which is, by definition, indestructible and immortal.

SINGULARITY OF CONSCIOUSNESS – The self made Whole, the evolution of consciousness which results in a cohesive field of awareness existing ubiquitously and non-locally, infinitely and eternally. The immortal condition. The cohesive, fully integrated I-Am consisting of all components of the mortal self and the eternal double, brought together under a single assemblage point.  The individuated totality of oneself.

SKINWALKER - A being who has the ability to temporarily inhabit the body of another. Real vampires or any being in an immortal condition would possess the ability. In certain branches of shamanism, the shaman may invite an evolved entity (often his own double) to inhabit his body for the purpose of sharing consciousness and expanding awareness.  The purpose of this is to facilitate learning - for example, imagine what you might learn if you were to share consciousness with a true immortal vampire. While certain religious groups have expressed a fear of this as a form of possession, skinwalking is normally a mutual agreement between the seeker & the entity or spirits to whom he would lend his body.  Do unscrupulous skinwalkers exist?  Sure.  But so do unscrupulous priests.

SOCIAL MIND, COLLECTIVE MIND, FOREIGN INSTALLATION: If it can be perceived that the consensual reality possesses a rudimentary “hive mind”, it then becomes possible to see that this hive mind is predatory in nature, in that it invades and usurps the individual unless the individual has mastered extreme awareness - also known as 'individuation'. In other words, humans are largely governed by the consensual hive, whose primary agenda is to preserve its static, status quo. Other – more extreme – definitions have been offered for the predatory mind, and may in fact, have truth as well. Some believe the foreign installation is sentient. However, most immortals *see* it for what it is: a deeply-imbedded program designed to keep the hive members docile and compliant with the program itself.

SORCERY: 1) The intuitive practice of magick.  2) A system of knowledge with specific practices & cosmology, such as Wicca or Druidic magick.  |  In essence, sorcery is a broad term used to encompass all magickal practices, whether learned or intuited.

SPIRIT – If earth, air, fire and water are the 4 natural elements, Spirit is the 5th element of creation. The living force or anima of the universe – impersonal, not a deity or entity; the living breath of power; the cohesive element of the all. In more modern language: spirit is "the force."  There is no dark or light side of spirit. There is only spirit. How one uses it determines its manifestation.

SPONTANEOUS PARTHENOGENESIS – the act of something coming into existence out of the nothing, with no apparent cause. It is theorized by the author that the universe created itself from the void through an act of spontaneous parthenogenesis – a thought which wills itself into existence by saying I-Am. Furthermore, it could be visualized that the act of transmogrification is closely related to an act of spontaneous parthenogenesis - i.e., a willful creation.

SUPER-POSITION OF THE SELF or SUPER-POSITION OF THE ASSEMBLAGE POINT – A point of awareness wherein the seeker and the Other (double) have conjoined to embrace the Totality of awareness.  At this point, consciousness becomes ubiquitous, inhabiting all quantum positions simultaneously, thereby allowing for consciousness to take on certain similarities of light.  Particle and wave – particle being what might be experienced should consciousness make the decision to “localize” into a specific point in time and space; wave being the non-local presentation of awareness, wherein it is a ubiquitous field spanning all of space/time simultaneously.

TOTALITY:  The sum total of one's life experience - including but not limited to the mortal self, the higher self, the immortal twin, and all other aspects of the self which extend through the quantum universe - outside of time.  Put another way, the totality of oneself would include seamless access to all memories of so-called "past lives", parallel lives, and so on, gathered into a cohesive framework of awareness or "singularity of consciousness."  This is the immortal condition - the ability to open one's eyes inside the immortal twin, with flawless recall of one's total life experience.

TRANSCENDENCE:   wherein the seeker sheds his/her body through the process known as Death. In theory, those who transcend become pure energy, existing at a level of consciousness/awareness without any physical form whatsoever. Some consider this the highest form of transformation, others (myself included) consider it a midrange accomplishment.

TRANSFORMATION: essentially a form of so-called "physical immortality" whereby the seeker transforms his nature from mortal to immortal. IMO, this is the most limited form of immortality, because if a comet smashes the earth, one's immortality goes to pieces.  A transformed individual might also be viewed as a spirit which is still attached to an organic form (body).  While it might be considered "immortal" by some, it is really only a stop-gap measure, a form of extreme longevity, as opposed to transcendence and transmogrification, either of which result in an inorganic being of pure energy.

TRANSMOGRIFICATION:  As used throughout this website, transmogrification is an Intentional transference of all life energy (consciousness, awareness, individuated memory) from its mortal human coil into its immortal energy body.  Because the energy body is a quantum state, it may take any form the seeker Intends, and may change form at will, depending on the skill & experience of the transmogrified individual.  Transmogrification is the process through which the mortal seeker attains the immortal condition.  Transmogrification is generally a long-term process, often requiring years of intent, meditation, and learning to glean energy directly from the multiverse.  It may also be referred to as transformation or metamorphosis throughout this site.

TWIN:  (See Double)

VAMPYRELAND: 1.  A state of mind but also a state of being. 2.  A separate reality which exists as a result of the seeker's own intent and will.  3.  A quantum other-world or alternate dimensional reality.  Vampyreland is a concept which must be sensed, felt and intuited so that it is created with sufficient strength to exist both as a concept and as a separate reality capable of being inhabited.  The master vampire may exist simultaneously in the dayshine world and in vampyreland.  This is the nature of vampyre duality - bi-location of mind/body/spirit.  Vampyreland lies at the heart of the night that never ends - the state of mind which opens the door to all other-dimensional perceptions.  To those who have experienced this state/dimension, no further explanation is necessary.  To those who have not yet experienced it, no further explanation is possible. 

WILL - Will is the force which manifests want or need into reality. Will differs from intent. A simple analogy: intent is a true and genuine plan to visit the Grand Canyon. Will is the force that puts you behind the wheel of the car and drives. Will could also be described as the force which causes the intent behind our magic to actually begin to manifest. It is the secret ingredient of sorcery, elusive as the wind and just as impossible to define.


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