Is anything private?

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Re: Is anything private?

Postby Paradox » Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:15 pm

Sunarin wrote:I'm glad you're amused Paradox, but I see nothing funny about the fact that both of you, in your disagreements with me, when you failed to prove your point, resorted to attempting to discredit me as a way to win your argument.

I don't think it's funny. I think you are daffy and determined to "win" even when it means creating an argument and drawing up sides that didn't exist before. You create your own reality with your crappy attitude then try to blame everyone else when they have a different opinion. Obviously you don't hear yourself and don't want to.

Sunarin wrote:Out of all I said to Espiritis, his only response -- which was not a response -- was to psychoanalyze me, followed by the statement about his years of psychology study.

Well some people really are text book cases. :lol: (Yes, now I AM laughing at you.)

Sunarin wrote:Both of you jumped to negative conclusions -- Espiritis's was that I posted about cleaning up the neighbor's trash in order to make myself look good. Yours -- Paradox -- was that I wanted to be better than anyone else because I dared to question the belief that there is nothing you can do with diet to prolong your MORTAL (not immortal) years and avoid disease. Paradox do NOT make me keep repeating that I did not suggest diet can make you immortal!!! Please stop beating that dead horse!!

I could easily point out some of your foibles but I don't have the time or inclination to be bothered. You aren't innocent here. You've done little but criticize other forum members (me, Espiritus, Della and probably others) so it starts to look like you only rise to the top by knocking others down. Maybe not what you are wanting to do, but how you are being seen. Your language choices are very aggressive whether you realize it or not, and most peeps don't take kindly to having a finger shaken at them.

Sunarin wrote:Paradox, you said, "you always seem to think somebody is attacking you when maybe they just don't agree with you"....No, not always, but it IS what happens when people's beliefs are challenged. They attack. And you did. You can say you didn't, but I won't believe you because I know old Smitty when I see him.

Classic. Now I'm Agent Smith because you want everybody here to think I'm the bad guy - not because I am or am not, but because that makes YOU appear better than me. No one attacked you except in self defense. What do you expect?

Sunarin wrote:This is my "observation, not judgement" -- that the two of you may not be as free of the matrix and it's programs as you may think.

Twice, the topics I wanted to discuss were silenced and derailed -- typical of the matrix -- by attempts to make me appear mentally unstable, wounded ...even evil -- for wanting to GENTLY remote influence one of Smith's mind controlled minions for trying to wreck a pristine, old growth forest -- which was twisted into the demonizing suggestion that my goal was rampant mind fuckery of any and all who cross my path.

Again, I'm only going by what you say. You've made more than one comment about what a bad-ass you are when crossed (or even just because you think it's your right to control the will of others for your own reasons), so isn't that a major type of mind fuckery? Or is it different for you because you're so very special?

Sunarin wrote:Espiritis do realize that your first sentence to me in your last comment was a perfect example of, "have you stopped beating your wife yet?", when you asked me, "Does passive aggression come naturally to you or do you have to work on it?"

The projection here is off the charts and the censorship is undealable with.

So, I'm not sure what I can possibly do, other than leave the forum. Saddening since I had hoped it would be different. Foolish since I have clearly seen that all social media is controlled and patrolled by Smith ...why should this be any different?

Are you going to leave, flounce or be an adult and try to figure out why more than one person here is having a reaction to your posts? I always love a good flounce, so feel free. Your paranoia is rampant. Everyone here is now Agent Smith because they don't agree with poor little you. Therefore you perceive you are being attacked, demonized and prepped for a big barbeque on the front porch of Hell itself. Get real. It's a forum about immortality - and you haven't done much talking about that because you're too busy being worried about everybody else. How's that workin' for ya?

The sad thing - and it really is - is that you seem like an otherwise reasonably intelligent person, but you also seemed to come onto this forum with a chip on your shoulder, daring anyone to oppose you, even if only in a theoretical discussion. As a result, you now feel justified in claiming we're all Agent Smith and the world is out to get you. If you could pull your head out of that dark place and really take a look around, you'd see that isn't the case... until you MAKE it the case.

Sunarin wrote:And I'm sure both of you would prefer that I go away and leave you to the comfort of your chips and dip. Either way -- for you Paradox it's back into the "foe" box you go since I see you haven't changed.

I'm flattered. Got my own box. That's okay. It's big enough for me, my Other and the whole damn universe, so I'm good with that. Reality is that nobody cares if you go or stay and nobody is going to coddle you. You ain't all that special. Neither am I. Neither is Espiritus or any of the others.

Have fun with your conspiracy theories. :lol:
I tripped over a paradox when it tripped over me.
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Re: Is anything private?

Postby Sunarin » Tue Mar 13, 2018 6:15 pm

Paradox, I would expect this kind of verbal assault -- abuse is actually what it is -- from the low consciousness characters who are often put in charge of counseling juvenile delinquents -- poor kids -- or alcohol or drug addicts. Not in a forum about Immortality.

Your constant negative assumptions and judgments are horrendous. I can't begin to imagine what kind of social environment you live or work in which cause you to make these kind of assumptions about someone you don't even know....are you a prison guard??

If you have heard me sound threatening, it was only after I had received a death threat from someone who had created a fake FB profile ...warned me to stop talking about the founder of the diet I have discussed here, or I would end up like him -- dead. But the threat was directed at the person who threatened me -- not anyone here. Or at least at the time I did not even suspect it was someone from this forum ....but that somehow bothered you????? Interesting!

I'm not accusing you, but I do find it interesting to say the least.

This is truly the last you will hear from me as I"m not willing any longer to be a victim of your ATTACKS, abusive and extremely hostile language. I won't open and read any more of your posts. Not because I am unwilling to look at myself and/or any unhealed wounding or personal defects I may have ...chips on my shoulder, etc, but because communication between us is impossible. You remind me of my mother, who once accused me of banging the dishes together in the sink -- I was washing dishes -- just to keep her from being able to fall asleep. I was oblivious to any noise I was making, but had my mind on something else and didn't even know she was napping. But in her mind ...I was banging the dishes around just to keep her awake -- for no logical reason! I wasn't even mad at her for anything. But she was convinced and there was no changing her mind.

You think I want to be better than everyone else -- what does that even mean???? Better how?

You mentioned that you are in some kind of counseling field. I hope with all my heart that you aren't put in charge of counseling autistic children because the damage would be irreversible in some of them.
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Re: Is anything private?

Postby Immortalis Animus » Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:51 pm

Since none of the recent posts here have anything to do with the topic of the forum, I am requesting that the energy be refocused to the things that do matter, leaving behind the petty bickering.

The forum isn't a stage for anyone's agenda. Be respectful or be elsewhere. There is no middle ground.

Darkly always,
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Re: Is anything private?

Postby Sunarin » Wed Mar 14, 2018 3:07 pm

I would like to add one thing, if you don't mind....

To put everyone's mind to rest who may have been concerned ...I did find out that it wasn't anyone in this forum who sent me the death threat in FB messenger. Apparently someone has been sending the threats randomly to people who are active in the Primal Diet groups on FB, as it was announced today by one of the other admins in my PD group.
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