Dark Mirrors Shine No Reflections

Dark Mirrors Shine No Reflections

Postby Valerio » Sat Feb 10, 2018 4:58 pm

''Darkness is the stage on which light dances to make itself seen.''

I read this post today and was amazed by the fact that I've reached a strikingly similar conclusion through an experience yesterday. It was late and I was preparing to go to my bed. As I was entering the bathroom to brush my teeth, my hand instinctively went to turn on the light - but it stopped. A sudden impulse arose. What if, instead of doing it like I usually do, today I did my bathroom routine with the lights off. I was intrigued , and so I acted; choosing the toothbrush and putting on the toothpaste did require a bit of help, but after that, nada. I just let my subconscious do all the things it does regularly. It all worked out perfectly nice and was a relaxing experience - but not an eye-opening one. It wasn't such, that is, until I remembered I haven't taken a look at the big mirror that was staring me in the face. I looked up, expecting to see my eyes looking back strongly; but I saw nothing. I went further down to see the rest of my face, but saw nothing still. Even though I couldn't see my reflection, I still did. Yes, what I saw was my self-image, and I knew that if I turned on the lights right then and there, the face in my mind's eye would be the one I'd see. Rather I should say, I Knew it. A short time after staring in awe at my dark reflection, I realized a truth.

In the dark, everything is possible. There are no limits. However, when light shines, only some things are possible, and it is those which were created in the darkness.

I have to create myself in the Dark so I can be myself in the Light.
I reach out with my hand and pull from the darkness of infinite possibility that which I want to see in the light of my reality.
The Arcane Winds give rise to Fires of Infinity
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