Creating & Nurturing the Other

Creating & Nurturing the Other

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Strange Angel wrote:
Immortalis Animus wrote:The process of becoming is the foundation of being.

Excuse this humble newbie for jumping into this conversation but I read these words about a dozen times and they keep impacting me more and more every time I look at them. There really IS a process even if it's only an instantaneous transition from mortal to immortal, but the twin is definitely the key because without it consciousness/awareness would be nothing more than a free-floating field of energy with nothing holding it together. So even if the 'process' was instantaneous (which is unlikely unless you consider someone an overnight success after they spent years perfecting whatever it is that makes them a success) there would have to be something {Some THING} maintaining the sovereignty of the individual consciousness, or else wouldn't it all just dissipate into the universal stew, like a cup of water being poured into the ocean? So if the twin is that Thing then what is the twin and why does it seem to be a stumbling block for some apprentices?

Ego and fear are usually at the core of why some resist the idea of the Other. There is a tendency to see the Other as separate from the Self, when it is more accurately a reflection and projection of the self. It doesn't replace the self. It IS the self in its totality, especially when viewed from outside the limiting confines of The First Fundamental Lie. The Other is the "Thing" that holds awareness intact once the physical form is shed and the seeker becomes pure energy. Words cannot really wrap around what the Other IS, except to say it is the vessel of one's immortal awareness and the projection of one's immortal essence beyond the event horizon of "mortal death" or in the aftermath of transmogrification. Why is it a stumbling block? Because the ego likes to believe it is contained entirely within the mortal coil, and any suggestions to the contrary can instill fear and loathing in Las Vegas (and every other point on the map).

To answer your question directly, without the Other (in some form or other, even if not physical) yes it would be like pouring a cup of water into an ocean. The Other is the binding force - impervious to death and also impervious to the ravages of time, because it is not a part of Time.

Strange Angel wrote:I know you've already explained this probably hundreds of times, Mikal, but how would you describe "the process of becoming" with regard to achieving what you call the immortal condition? I've observed in your books and on this group that a lot of people seem to want to do things their own way and you always encourage them to go for it, but I get the feeling there's something you're holding back.

From a purely rational perspective, the process is easy to describe but apparently quite difficult for many to comprehend. If forced to condense it down to steps, I would say it is this:

1. Dream the Other. This can take many forms - dreaming, longing, imagination, creativity in all its forms, following the muse, listening to the songs of your heart. I have described it in TOTI as "the ache/hurt/want/need." This is the quantifiable force that actually summons the Other and binds it into what might be perceived as an energy body. Prior to that, it exists as fragmented "feelings" or distant/vague wishes for that "something missing" which most seekers experience from very early on in their journey (often from childhood).

2. Nurture the other. There is an article in the archive to that effect.

3. Consider the idea that the Other is like an indestructable element of "the cloud" into which you upload your awareness through the process of living. But far more than that, the Other is the aspect of yourself who experiences what are commonly mislabeled as past lives or future lives (reincarnation). As such, the Other is already infinite and eternal, but ONLY if the seeker does the work of creating, nurturing and Dreaming the Other into a viable and powerful entity with a life (or thousands of lives) of his/her own. The Other doesn't exist by default, as many religions like to teach with regard to the soul. Instead, it is built, strengthened and projected by the seeker's intent and - far more important - the seeker's unconditional love.

4. You have to BE immortal before you will know how to BECOME immortal. The Other is the answer to that riddle, in the sense that as the seeker looks through the eyes of the Other and begins to "remember the Other self," there is generally a moment of a quantum leap wherein the Other became/becomes autonomous, takes his/her first immortal breath, and begins Dreaming (teaching) the mortal self HOW to get to that moment of the quantum leap.

5. You have to feel it. If you don't have this relentless "love" for the Other, then chances are you don't have the relentless love for YOURSELF, which is what ultimately enables you to transcend the command of the matrix that states, "All things die." With regard to "feeling" it, there's an entry in DARKER TEACHINGS OF THE IMMORTALS that speaks to what that might look like, or at least how it looked to me. It is this:

How is it done?
This thing that cannot be named...

How do you turn someone? More to the point – why would you even bother? Surely mortals are just dust in the wind to your kind.

How do I do this thing that cannot be named? Why do I do it?

Love. And a relentless intent to protect that love.

I once loved someone so much that I could not abide the thought of his death. Growing old. Wasting to the dust. Forever gone.

I schemed. I wept. I mourned him even though he was still alive. So young. Vital. Alive. Friend. Companion. Muse.

Knowing I could not (would not, could not, would not) live in a world where he did not exist, I took it upon myself to Become a thing capable of defeating the brute with the scythe. Not because I wanted to. Not because I even believed I could. But because I had to.

“For I am divided for love's sake, for the chance of union .”

Words are not capable of defining this kind of love. It is not rooted in some petty notion of sexual coupling. It is not about holding hands and walking into the sunset together. It is not brotherly or sisterly or husbandly or wifely.

It simply is. The awe one feels when the stars are falling in early autumn. The catch-in-the-throat when the moon rises huge and golden over a restless sea. The peace of knowing – without doubt – now he can never die.

It is the love that poets struggle to describe and inevitably fail. It is the love that forces us to do the impossible and the illegal and the insane and the incomprehensible, even when it has never been done before and all the world tells us we are fools to believe we will be The One.

It is the force that makes us immortal.

There is no how.

There is only this terrible ache that beats like a drum and calls itself Love, demanding to be acknowledged.

This is the Love that causes me to shake a fist at gods and demons, summoning the ability and the right to live forever. It is what gives us – any immortal who chooses it – the power to take a beloved by the hand and say to them, "Here, my friend. Come with me and let me show you what you can be. Don't be afraid. Breathe in the animus of life itself, the elixir of love, and fly free so that we may explore and experience the unknown now and forever."

There is no greater love than this.

You have to be immortal before you can know how to become immortal.

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Teachings of the Immortals and The Darker Teachings
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