Is the program sentient?

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Is the program sentient?

Postby Immortalis Animus » Mon Apr 02, 2018 7:46 am

The universe is altogether impersonal and doesn't give half an unbaked damn about you or me or the man on the Martian moon. What IS real is the consensus and the programs that arise out of it. It could be argued either way as to whether the programs become sentient over time. Some immortals say they are just recordings, like bad rap music. I have seen evidence which indicates that some programs take on an independence that isn't exactly intelligence, but is a form of instinctual survival mechanism that causes the program to fight for its sovereign existence. Religion is one, particularly Catholicism just to use one example. Possession and exorcism are battles between the program (Catholicism) and the rebellion (so-called Satan) and it can never be predicted which side will win in any random battle. Examples in society are prevalent and require only a brief glance to recognize. Politics. Morals (which trend with the times). Sex (there's a right way and a wrong way - or so we're told). And on and deeper into the spiral the closer you look.

I would therefore say the program becomes a tulpa of sorts. The difference is that when the tulpa is fueled by millions or billions of people's energy, that tulpa can and does become a quantifiable force capable of creating quantifiable results. Such is the nature of "Agent Smith" - a self-created and self-aware aspect of the program spun into existence as an attempt by the program to protect itself. When this begins to occur, it is a sure sign that the program has become top-heavy and - as the humans might say - "too big for its britches." It is therefore destined to fall, but the dark side is that when it does, it tends to take entire civilizations with it.

So what's the solution, Mikal?

Either unplug the machine before it explodes or be elsewhere when the explosion occurs. When the program reaches a point where it can no longer control its subjects, it self-destructs, but the fallout is catastrophic to all life. The only other option is to be immune to the fallout - to become that-which-cannot-die. Of course, the responsibility that comes with such a state is incomprehensible. And again the spiral spirals deeper and colder into the dark.


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