Time is a Finite Quantum Loop

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Time is a Finite Quantum Loop

Postby Immortalis Animus » Fri Jun 14, 2013 7:51 am

"Time is a finite quantum loop."

The name of the road is Kelbaker - an old biker's path on Route 66 between Kelso and Baker, which winds its way through little places like Cima, eventually ends up in Amboy. All just tiny dots on the map, ghost towns for the most part, crumbling relics, half-fallen buildings where a rusted lawn chair still sits on a front porch that leans to the left as if struggling to find its way back to the dust.

The setting seems important to this tale, because so many people who have traveled this same road have reported peculiar happenings or personal revelations. It isn't the first time for me, either. When I drove this same road back in August, I had several visionary experiences relating to my path - nothing I have mentioned, because sometimes there is no way to wrap words around images that are both utterly personal, and yet completely impersonal at the same time.

There are long stretches of this road where one simply looks into the eye of eternity - desert floor stretching into the wounded sky, ragged mountain peaks shrouded in a peculiar mist, dust devils dancing over the terrain to stir up the ashes of ancient ancestors who died out there long before time was born. It is a haunted place, yet a serene place. It is a magical place, and magic is at the heart of all true sorcery.

So when my twin's voice whispered in my ear, "Time is a finite quantum loop," there was a certain comfort in his presence, but also a tremendous rush of loneliness as well. The loneliness of eternity, the embrace of the earth, here in this place where nothing manmade exists for as far as the eye can see. My internal dialogue was still, utterly silent. Such is the byproduct of long drives for me - my favorite and best not-doing.

So in the stillness of it all, I asked him to show me more, for I understood on a soul-deep level that our idea of "time" is one thing that imprisons us in mortal form and keeps us from *seeing* our true and limitless possibility.

What I was shown was like a moebius strip hanging in space. I want to say it was made of vinyl - rather like an old LP album, for those of us old enough to remember such relics. It was black, and had grooves, and with the visual came the gnosis that went on to explain that what we humans think of as "time" has a beginning and an end. This surprised me somewhat, so I asked... "Do you mean a finite quantum loop or an infinite quantum loop?"

"Time is a finite quantum loop," he repeated. "When the needle of perception reaches the end of the loop, time starts over again."

I could not wrap my mind around this. Nor, frankly, could I imagine how it might impact my own path. At this point, I must confess that idle philosophy holds very little interst for me. Which is why I no longer participate much on other forums, including my own. The endless discussion and debate about enlightenment or ego or recapitulation or transcendence... all just words unless one applies them TO their life. And, sadly, most simply don't. So it's all just talk, perpetual blather like the song lyrics of phantoms. "Much sound and fury, signifying nothing."

So, as I sat in the driver's seat, dimly aware of the road rolling underneath me like some misshapen tattered ribon of patchwork asphalt, I found myself gazing instead into the vision before me. Questions came and went, some answerd, others ignored. When my twin ignores my questions, I have come to realize it's because I'm asking the wrong question altogether. I focused my thoughts.

"So what?" I said. Not in a harsh way, but in a manner of saying, Yes, I can see that, but what does it have to do with me?

The spinning moebius strip hung in front of me, a twisted figure 8, traditional symbol of infinity, which I was now being told was finite. Hmm. Made sense in a strange sort of way. One might say any loop is infinite, but the loop itself exists within a larger paradigm of some sort, within the universe which holds it. Infinite within the finite within the infinite. Okay.

What I was shown, ultimately, was that the "grooves" of time are like furrows. I seem to recall that Carlos Castaneda wrote something about furrows, though I can't recall at the moment where it was, or what it was all about. In my own vision, the furrows had something to do with history - past history, future history, parallel history. Place the needle of perception on one furrow, and you might find yourself in ancient Egypt . And you might even discover that the pyramids were built not by slaves hauling huge slabs of stone up an impossible angle, but by sorcerrs who had learned how to slip sideways into a parallel furrow where technology rivalling even our own modern marvels would render the movement of such stones as simple as moving a child's building blocks.

Again, though I was fascinated, I had to ask, "Yes, and what does this have to do with me? How does this knowledge further my own path? How does a different concept of time change my day to day life?"

More visuals. More understanding. Atlantis and Lemuria and other "lost continents" are parallel grooves on the finite loop of time - like rumors which have a life of their own, a strength of continuity that is large enough to withstand even the droning repetition of time itself. Here, my twin chuckled. "Think of them as permanent scratches on the recording," he said, "and then perhaps you will begin to see what this may have to do with you."

I could almost begin to wrap my mind around it. I felt close to a breakthrough, and yet there seemed to be a synapse of comprehension that remained elusive. Even if a sorcerer could somehow create herself as one of those "permanent scratches on the recording," would that not simply serve to trap the sorcerer within the finite loop itself?

My question was ignored. Ergo... wrong question. I had driven for miles, yet the scenery in the distance had barely changed. That was the vast scope of it. Not a single raven or rattlesnake alongside the road. Not a bush or Joshua tree. Just the desert floor and the craggy mountains purple and grey, stretching skyward like cemetery bones protruding from the earth.

"So... where are you on the loop?" I asked, hoping for some perspective. "Where am I, for that matter?"

The loop stopped spinning for a moment. There was a sense of timelessness. "In the true absence of gravity, time does not exist."

I thought of the space shuttle, astronauts. Time functions differently in space, but it still seems to function. Of course, I had to admit that even in orbit over earth, gravity was still a factor.

"You are thinking inside the box," my twin reminded me. "You are thinking like a linear being."

I went back to thinking about gravity. All objects have a gravity of some sort. Planets, suns, moons, a grain of sand, a human body.

Something started to make sense. A niggling. Something about the energy body not having a gravitational field because it is ubiquitous - the super-position of the assemblage point, wherein the double or the higher self exists not on the loop, but outside of the loop altogether. Outside of time, exuding no gravity, simply be-ing in a timeless, eternal state.

Eureka! I thought.

And yet...

Okay, so what does that have to do with me? Right now, right here, on this road leading toward Las Vegas, out here in this barren desert?

Sorcerers, shamans, wo/men of Knowledge are beings of duality - existing simultaneously inside of time and outside of time. That much I Know.

And still... I feel poised on the edge of a breakthrough that doesn't quite manifest, a comprehension that fights to take itself one step further. My feeling here is that as we wrap our minds around new concepts, new worlds of possibility open up in front of us. There is something crucial about the nature of time, perception and gravity which holds the key to the door to the infinite. Where we place the needle of perception on the finite quantum loop of time determines what experience we have in what we think of as our mortal lifetime.

Something seems to be saying that when we place the needle of perception within the double, we will open our eyes outside of the dream, beyond the loop, in the realm of the personal infinite experience. We will find ourselves "beyond the ability of ourselves to undo." As I was discussing this with someone from another forum yesterday, he said to me that, essentially, "We will only know when we die."

Is that true? It is not my feeling or belief that we have to wait for death so that we will know. There is an intuition guiding me that says we can do this at will, and that this is what was meant when don Juan spoke of "leaving this earth in the manner of a sorcerer." This is what is meant by transmogrification - the permanent transference of consciousness from a mortal body to the energy-construct that is the twin.

Just my rambling thoughts, home at last from a long and difficult weekend. The voice of gnosis tells me, "The road is still out there and always will be. And somewhere along that road, any road, the door to eternity stands open - an invitation to those who recognize its peculiar shape."

Life goes on. This morning the winds are still. The air is crisp, and the light is a peculiar October gold as it rests on the picket fence outside the window. This is where the needle of perception rests in the Now. And so the question becomes, perhaps, what is required to move the needle from "here" to "otherwhere?"

Now what?


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Re: Time is a Finite Quantum Loop

Postby Phoenix » Wed Apr 04, 2018 12:10 am

"Time is a finite quantum loop," he repeated. "When the needle of perception reaches the end of the loop, time starts over again."

This reminded me of an animators scene flipbook. When you flip the scenes fast it's a movie, but if you flip some pages slowly, pause and look at them, you see more within.

"Think of them as permanent scratches on the recording," he said, "and then perhaps you will begin to see what this may have to do with you."

I would say, new branches can be created within them.

"Eureka"!!! For freakn' real though. aaad Jesus Christ. LOL :D
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