Dark Gifts In the Guise of Trauma

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Dark Gifts In the Guise of Trauma

Postby Dream » Sat Jan 25, 2014 4:44 pm

Hey, everyone. I was reading an article linked here (Quantum physics proves that death is an illusion) and it generated a lot of "Aha!" realizations.

When it goes into the part where consciousness can be altered to make the sky appear a different color... well, that has happened to me. It was via spiritual trauma but my mind was altered to view the sky as yellow, or blood red, or lilac at different intervals. I Saw and experienced so many things that just don't have a place in this reality, it drove me crazy for a while. I thought that it was symptomatic of being between Earth and Hell at the time.

So this is interesting. How many times is something that is horrific and traumatic by any standard actually a dark blessing because it allows one to KNOW through experience that there is Something Else going on and allows one to transcend a lot of boundaries that they'd otherwise never be able to even see were there anyway?

It's next to impossible to return to the Matrix after you've experienced something that the Matrix views, at best, as demonic... and survived without running to one church or another for "salvation". It's next to impossible to just go back with my tail between my legs when the Matrix has already deemed me "undesirable" in the first place by virtue of the fact that I've survived it, I've survived the destruction of my entire world more than once, and I might be rattled but I'm STILL going.

So it's an interesting question. How much of this comes about through trauma? Just when you start to believe in The Matrix, it kicks your ass for your insubordination, and you end up Seeing beyond it just because in doing so, it's just revealed a lot about itself.
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Re: Dark Gifts In the Guise of Trauma

Postby Blam » Fri Jan 31, 2014 3:39 pm

I have found trauma to be an extremely effective motivator. As long as anger doesn't consume you...

Need is what fuels the fire.

Would you mind sharing, Dream, demonic experiences you've had?
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