True Love And Energy

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True Love And Energy

Postby Sunarin » Thu Feb 22, 2018 10:05 am

From reading Castaneda and other sources, I understand that the more energy is put into the conception of a child, the more energy that child will have. And one who is the product of true love, will have the most energy of all. I suppose, considering this world, that would be a rare being!

But what if one was conceived by two very dysfunctional and wounded, narcissistic individuals -- incapable of true love -- how would one go about obtaining the energy one was deprived of at conception?....

....Which must be possible as evidenced by the fact that I desire to do so.

So there IS a way to heal that moment of your conception ...perhaps to go "back in time", make a connection with your parents and heal their perception of each other and the act they are participating in?????? This is probably a bad way to word it, but I trust you can see the general idea I am trying to grasp/forumulate.

How would we go about accomplishing this task?
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