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Re: Stuck

Postby Immortalis Animus » Thu Jun 30, 2016 9:15 am

Mittens3rd wrote:Mikal I have read your book several times over. I was simply referring to a movie I had seen. I'm just saying I get stuck trying to define something that has no definition other than the "I am".

The I-Am is something humans have been trying to understand since the dawn of time, and still cannot adequately define. It is something that must be experienced before it can be understood, and even if it is understood, it may still defy definition.

Mittens3rd wrote:I am wondering if perhaps the opinion is based of my struggle more than my core self. I have also read the site many times over and it is easy to see that this leap you speak of is in the hands of another, the twin if you will.

Not at all. It is in the hands (the intent & will) of the mortal self. The mortal self is the source, despite what many new age & xtian religions would have you believe.

Mittens3rd wrote:I have also read most of this forum and I'm just trying to have my own opinion and understanding. This argumentative overtone wont help, but if you all do not like my posts there isn't much I can do.

The problem is that the opinions you have formed, in many instances here on this forum, are potentially detrimental to yourself & others, which is why I am bothering to attempt to provide some sense of guidance. I am not being argumentative, but if you choose to see it that way, it may indicate that you have already made up your mind. Nothing wrong with that, but it will preclude further learning if that's the case.

Mittens3rd wrote:Semantics are usually where things end up,

It generally ends up in a game of semantics when there is a platform of competitive reasoning (which by definition is an utter waste of time). I'm not asking anyone to "believe me" or to "trust me", but when things are postulated that do not align with the path toward the immortal condition, I will continue to point them out until such time as I determine I am wasting my time. :twisted:

Mittens3rd wrote: I think this is where the predator seems more like the prey underneath the consensus opinion. I'm going to focus on my foundation of understanding and meditate on this.

If you connect with the voice of silent knowing (gnosis), or the dreaming body, I believe you will gain the clarity you seek.

You have to be immortal before you can know how to become immortal.

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Re: Stuck

Postby Mittens3rd » Thu Jun 30, 2016 5:43 pm

Silent knowing is difficult on my medication but the dreaming body I can do.
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Re: Stuck

Postby Sun » Sun Sep 18, 2016 2:39 am

For me i have heard that you need to teach the spiritual body to feel things like the mortal does, so that they then can be aligned.
as for being stuck, i was like that for years, wondering which path to go down, a lot of my studies were based on the tree of life, the fibonacci numbers, the vesica piscis and just about everything else, i'm stuck stuck in sorts, not really about fear, maybe more because a lack of knowledge in certain areas, to me knowledge is the booster.
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Re: Stuck

Postby Claire Voyant » Thu Sep 22, 2016 8:34 am

Hummm, Stuck.... For me personally I wouldn't say stuck, more like bound. Bound to the life I'm blessed to live until that time
comes when my mortal body dies. I've read that in order to become immortal your mortal body may first have to die, can't remember
right now where I've read that lol but personally I'm not ready to drop dead just yet :lol:

Like we can't become immortal AS our mortal body but we can work towards becoming immortal IN our mortal body via the
various teachings from teachings of the immortals by connecting to our twin, gaining various knowledge and transmogrification
etc etc and therefore becoming immortal. Once all that knowledge, connections and awareness are in place and nothing is holding
us to the belief systems we've been working to break free of, we become mentally free in the knowledge that we are already
immortal and once our mortal body dies well, we're not really gone. We're simply the higher consciousness of yourself unleashed
and joined with your twin? (I'm not even sure I'm making any sense lol but it's how I've always seen it).

Maybe "stuck" is a lack of understanding that we're already immortal because we never really "die". To become immortal however,
we do have to take certain steps towards it, if we have not connected to our twin so that our twin can create us as an immortal
then we can surely see how we would become disconnected from all that knowledge we could of gained or rather, been awakened
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